I get to know a great source about Micron

QS-2022-01-26 07:57:37

In the components field, source/channels are one of the key points that drive more business.

On Feb 20th, I met one Micron supplier due to an unpaid order, customer wanna check photos before payment, he had some deposit here, I asked photos from the Micron supplier, they get me a photo with no hesitation.

However that is not enough, the customer just wants the final quality evaluation for all goods, then he can pay the balance.

The second day I went out to check goods even if these suppliers have a good reputation here with all good tags from other customers.

At the same time, a good friend tells me, she knows well about the Micron supplier, they are absolutely good and sell only new original parts.

A reputation built-in years and years accumulation, however, it ruins just in 2 minutes, so we do good things, we get good comments as well as customer’s trust finally.

One the way back home, I mentioned this supplier to another friend, he told me that, several years before, that supplier just sells components in a very very small Corner, what a big change that they are a big company and have an office is the best office building now.

After that he told the Micron supplier sell only New original goods, the random comment is always the most real comment, I believe I find a great supplier.

Also, the developing history of the Micron supplier teach us a lesson, do the right things to help customer, the market will return us a good result and more customers will trust us.


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