The New Age Is Coming

2024-02-22 07:41:11 |

We saw the fast update iteration of AI during the last one more year, it looked like a new age was born.   2023 was an extraordinary year, too many things changed during this year, we also experienced big challenge in 2023, many of our cooperated customers dissolved, some companies even ban....

The first serious epidemic in 2022

2022-03-14 07:34:36 |

2022, it should be a year that full of love. The love from QS is for customers, for suppliers for our other cooperators. On March 14th, the Corona cases increasing in Shenzhen is 86, the most serious situation since 2020. The market of Huaqiang North closed for 1 week, all the companies are not a....

A very different new year

2022-01-26 08:03:03 |

At the beginning of 2020, we experienced a very different new year, we all stayed at home and going nowhere. We drove to our hometown 10 more days before the Chinese New Year. However, due to the coronavirus, we drove back to Shenzhen in a short time. After back, we stayed at home and buying every....

A sad story about buying fake parts

2022-01-26 08:00:57 |

On Feb 27, I got a message from Skype in the afternoon. It was one customer from the EU, he bought one IR MOSFET, the time he received goods on hand, he found that parts are very different from what he bought before. He sent me two photos and let me check with my QC team, I sent the two photos to ....

I get to know a great source about Micron

2022-01-26 07:57:37 |

In the components field, source/channels are one of the key points that drive more business. On Feb 20th, I met one Micron supplier due to an unpaid order, customer wanna check photos before payment, he had some deposit here, I asked photos from the Micron supplier, they get me a photo with no hesi....


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