The New Age Is Coming

QS-2024-02-22 07:41:11

We saw the fast update iteration of AI during the last one more year, it looked like a new age was born.


2023 was an extraordinary year, too many things changed during this year, we also experienced big challenge in 2023, many of our cooperated customers dissolved, some companies even bankrupt.


The economy was very much like the situation in 2008 and from that time till now, everything just goes a full cycle.


The difference is that this time we stand at the end of technology age and see in the coming of AI age, some industries is disappearing, and then the new industries will be born, the changes are impacting to everyone in the world.


Its very bad, meanwhile we can find new opportunities.


We were all in the circulation and stand at the bottom, maybe we will goes to even lower bottom, however we will have the uptrend shortly.


Whatever the external environment is, lets just do our best and welcome the warm spring.


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