A sad story about buying fake parts

QS-2022-01-26 08:00:57

On Feb 27, I got a message from Skype in the afternoon.

It was one customer from the EU, he bought one IR MOSFET, the time he received goods on hand, he found that parts are very different from what he bought before.

He sent me two photos and let me check with my QC team, I sent the two photos to the engineer and get back below question:

From where we can find the suspicious point and possible to show in the picture?

The customer said that the printing on the chip as well as the location hole(polarity indicator symbol) looks very different from the original parts, after that he sent me a photo of the chip he bought from a franchised distributor.

Firstly I think it might be refurbished parts, I asked the customer to check the location hole(polarity indicator symbol) at the backside, however, the customer said it’s on the top side and it was a hole not a point like original parts.

The customer told one more thing that the COO is the Philippines, the same COO with the one bought from a franchised distributor.

I sent that feedbacks to engineer and told him it might be refurbished parts not original.

Not too long later, the engineer got back and said he thought it should be Chinese copy not refurbished parts, that’s what he thought:

There is no polish on the surface;

The package SOP8 is a very high rate package of being imitated, this package is very mature here.

The reported IRF7342:

Original IRF7342 from the franchised distributor:

We see the big difference in the surface printings and polarity indicator, at the same time I asked the price customer bought, he told me that he bought at 0.16usd, however, the price from the local biggest IR dealer, it’s around 0.228usd.

This is very low-value parts, price won’t have so big gap.

From all those analyses, the chip was thought to be Chinese copy, the copy that happens a lot also on TI, ON, Maxim parts with SOP8 packages.

I hope China chip industry grows strong, however, I hope more that customer bought parts they indicated instead of copied parts – that’s not a good way to


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