A very different new year

QS-2022-01-26 08:03:03

At the beginning of 2020, we experienced a very different new year, we all stayed at home and going nowhere.

We drove to our hometown 10 more days before the Chinese New Year. However, due to the coronavirus, we drove back to Shenzhen in a short time.

After back, we stayed at home and buying everything online, this made us possible to live as normal.

After several days of scaring emotion, people seem to get adjust to everything and do something that they will not do in normal days – most people choose cooking – everyone in China becomes a cooker, a good cooker.

In the middle of Feb, people in Shenzhen starts to work online, getting and sending goods via the fastest express – SF.

On the one hand, we have more time for our families; on the other hand, we worry about the economy.

Maybe many customers already don’t dare to do business with us, and many news in EU and US excessively reported the situation in China, still many customers focus on the business itself – they find ways to overcome the importing from China.

Exactly many fields were impacted and many big companies in China has no enough cash to get through – They try to ask for help from a consulting company.

Some of them come out and go on serve for customers carefully, like fresh product supermarkets; Some others are not so lucky to serve for customers, like restaurant.

We are one of the lucky guys, receiving the request as normal – no, even more than normal.

China now has very effective control and many cities get 0 add infected, when I go to the components market, many people line up for getting their goods, I see people are fighting to do what they can to reduce the impact to our economy.

Yes, that’s what I should do too – I am trying whatever I can to quote for more customers and ship more goods out, we will win finally in this game.


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