The first serious epidemic in 2022

QS-2022-03-14 07:34:36

2022, it should be a year that full of love.

The love from QS is for customers, for suppliers for our other cooperators.

On March 14th, the Corona cases increasing in Shenzhen is 86, the most serious situation since 2020.

The market of Huaqiang North closed for 1 week, all the companies are not allowed to open now, we need to work at home for 1 week.

The work gets slower and harder, shipment is not able to process, what we can do now is only replying emails and quote for the requests.

We hope everything will get back to normal in the world, we can meet our customers and cheers together.


We’re here to help respond to your request. Evaluating your risk and making a solution to lower down risk, our sales are on hand to help solve your problem. Look forward to hearing from you.

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